Forest therapy in Otari - Enjoy a peaceful time in the woods.
Forest Therapy in Otari

Updated on July 1, 2021

Stop and feel in the woods.

Escape from hectic days. Otari is far away from bustling big cities.
Let's step into the woods. A guide will take you to the forest in Otari.
Feel each moment by using five senses - sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.
Sunlight, birdsong, wind, spring water and beech trees will help you attune yourself to nature.
No fixed schedule. No destination. Sometimes no words. Good for self-searching.
And then you will realize "being here now" as a part of nature is full of happiness.
After enjoying a peaceful time, you would love this new way of spending time in the woods.

Forest Therapy in Otari

1-day private Forest Therapy tour

Spending time by the quiet and beautiful "Kamaike" pond.
An English speaking guide will take you to the world of Forest Therapy.

Meeting JR Minami Otari station 8:45 a.m.
Itinerary 8:45 a.m. JR Minami Otari station
10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Forest therapy around Kamaike pond & lunch
4 p.m. JR Minami Otari station
  • Rain or shine, we carry out the tour. If the weather forecast is really bad, we cancel or postpone the tour. In that case, we will let you know by 6 p.m. on the previous day.
  • Clothing suitable for outdoor activities. Water-repellent jacket and trousers are recommended. Snacks and drink.
  • There are "onsen" hotsprings along the way (additional 100-700 yen or so). We can drop by if you want. Bring a towel in that case.
  • If there is any request on meeting place/time, please let us know. We will see what we can do.
Price Please pay in cash on the spot.
The price includes 2 amylase tests and guide fee.
  • 15,100 yen for 1 person
  • 15,200 yen for 2 people
  • 15,300 yen for 3 people
  • 15,400 yen for 4 people
*Lunch fee is at your own expense. Depending on the day and your preference, having lunch at a restaurant or buying some food at a cnvenience store can be chosen.
*Just in case, please buy your insurance beforehand that covers accident and casualty.
*Basically this tour is planned for one to four people, but please contact us if you have any other request.
Contact us if you want to apply for the above tour or have any question.
There are closing dates for application:
-1 week prior to your preferred date.
-If your party is more than 5 people, one month prior to your preferred date.

Client's review
"The full day Shinrin Yoku session was much more than I expected, very insightful, warm and fulfilling experience." (October, 2018) --- The client's blog entry: Otari Forest Therapy

What is "Forest Therapy" ?
Everyone knows good feeling in the woods. There are many reasons people feel so.
Improving immune strength, regulating autonomic nerve system and reducing mental and physical stress. These are some of the effects on human body in the woods. The effect has been proved by evidence data.
The forest of Otari has also proved such effect and been recognized as "Base of Forest Therapy" by Forest Therapy Society since 2007.
Obtaining your mental and physical health by using forest environment is one of the goals of Forest Therapy. Let's walk through the woods, lie on the grass and take deep breath in front of big trees with a guide. Your health conditions will be improved after spending a certain amount of time in the forest.

About Otari
Otari is located in northern part of Nagano prefecture, Japan.
The village is one of the deep-snow districts and more than 80% of its land is forest and mountains. The area is blessed with abundant nature and that is why we can host "Forest Therapy".
We have two national parks, historical trails and easy walking trails paved with wood chip, and they are also used for Forest Therapy.
Although there are no attractions like big cities, there are rich nature, gift of the earth and stillness instead. We would like you to find, feel and enjoy them in Otari.

Forest Therapy in Otari

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